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Acne: how it affected me

Acne is a horrible disease: I know, I suffered from it for 25 years. It was bad during my teenage years, but got better during my twenties and stayed "mild" with breakouts till I got it cured with the powerful drug known as Accutane/Roaccutane.

I don't wish acne on anyone: it causes psychological damage. But you know that, or you wouldn't be here.

My advice on acne is on this site. It comes from my experience or that of other sufferers, and medical publications. It is as truthful as I can make it.

SOS Acne: my eBook about all aspects of acne Latest Version 2

I have put down my experiences in an eBook, SOS Acne, which covers all the basics about acne, and what treatment you can get from your doctor, including Accutane/Roaccutane which details the benefits and side effects, and how you can minimise the latter. It has been fully updated and much more information added.

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Dr Danby finds correlation between Dairy and Acne

In a recent study published in the prestigious Dermatology Journal, Dr Danby has found a correlation between dairy products and acne. Read More...

SOS Acne Version 2:

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Pressure Group attempts to have Roaccutane banned in the UK

An unelected group called the Roaccutane Action Group is trying to stop doctors prescribing Roaccutane.



Dairy Products and acne,
by Dr F.W. Danby.

A dermatologist outlines the possible diary product connection.


Acne Scar Support Group

A new group setup to be positive about what you can do about scarring.Click here to read more


Acne: the basics

This page takes you through the basics of acne

What acne is

Acne: the myths

Here I talk about common myths and preconceptions about this problem


Myths about acne

Acne: treatment from your doctor

Acne is now recognised as a medical condition, not a "phase you're going through".


Acne treatment your doctor can give you

SOS acne: save your skin

A commonsense guide to acne treatments

SOS Acne: book about acne

This is my 65 page booklet about acne, and what to do about it. Only valuable information validated by myself, fellow sufferers, or the medical profession, is included. This is the updated Version 2. It costs GBPounds 7.50.


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