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SOS Acne: save your skin Version 2 - revised and expanded

This 65 page (22,000 word) e-book tells you about my problems with acne, and how I conquered it. There's a lot of material on Isotretinoin (Accutane/Roaccutane), what it does, how you can reduce the side-effects, and minimise the possibility of relapse. The information is as reliable as I can make it, and comes from four sources: my own personal (25 years) experience of acne, other sufferers' advice, published medical monographs (which are included in the book), and advice from the most reliable acne websites/support groups. Click here to buy it online.

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It's written in plain English, not medical jargon. It even has a few jokes. It costs GBPounds 7.50. Click here to buy it online.


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