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Hi, I found your guide to be very helpful. I gained more information from reading it than from talking to doctors or pharmacists. Michelle

I would also like to thank you for discussion about the psychological effects of acne. It is rare that that topic ever comes up in the doctors office.Thank you for your time and your website. Sincerley, Whitney

Well i'd like to say thank you have been of much help to me and my self-esteem.....i'm sure you get many of these thank you letters but i really am very thankful..........i don't recieve much help with my problems as far as people who care and i thank you.............I feel as though i have gained a friend...............thank you sooooo much for the help............. love Ryan,

David, Thanks for deleting the duplicate order. Thanks also for your candid experiences. I really appreciate your input. Best regards, CJ

if ya want my opinion, its hard to give one, accutane has lotsa positives, lots of negatives, but in the end its a miracle, my face feels like a giant windburn, but hey, anything is better then what i was 5 months ago, i feel so much better about myself, and my skin, i feel normal, like everyone is not staring at me, its so great, definitely worth all the dry skin and joint cramps! ya know? ciao! mo

It really is a great help, as some of the medicines I was not aware of. I thought maybe I would try those first, but I decided, like you, that Accutane is my best bet. ... Melody

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