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Absolute Acne Info

An interesting site, which has a variety of useful advice, and some not so useful. Worth visiting.

Dr. Audrey Kunin's site

Dr Kunin is a fully-qualified dermatologist, and also suffered from acne like us. Perhaps that influenced her choice of profession. She wrote an excellent article about her experiences with acne but it no longer seems to be on the site.

European Organisation of Family Health Research

The European Organisation of Family Health Research (EOFHR) represents over 100 non-governmental and other not-for-profit organisations interested in protection the health of all europeans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves.


Commercial Sites with skin-related products

(links posted here do not necessarily imply endorsement of any product) 

This is for JuicePlus, capsule extracts of vegetable or fruit. A correspondent of mine who had suffered greatly from acne over 30 years and had been through multiple courses of Roaccutane, recommended this as a product that improved her acne. She said, "In addition to improvements in skin I have noticed an increase in energy levels and total lack of colds. I have even joined a gym."

Pioneer Trading Company

UK suppliers of EMU oil, which has had beneficial effects for some acne sufferers.

Dr Ray Sahelian's website

I have long been a reader of Dr Sahelian's books on advanced vitamin programmes. He is both medically qualified and also somewhat sceptical, as well as testing out the various "nutraceuticals" on himself. Although his site is not specifically related to acne, it's certainly a good, reliable source for vitamin and nutrient information and Dr Sahelian's range of products.

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