Acne Scarring Support Group

This group has been set up in Washington DC to help people who have scarring get through it and to discuss ways of improving your skin. Greg Estrada, the organiser, wants people with acne scarring to know that they don't have to listen to doctors who say: "Learn to live with them". During his two years of treatments, he learned about a variety of treatments which he believes have improved his condition by about 50%.

The group meets on Fridays in Washington DC. You can e-mail Greg for details. Or phone him on 001 301-718-0952 .

Here's their "Corner-of-a-napkin mission statement":

WHO: Anyone with scarring to any extent. WHY: To compare notes, to actually SEE each others' results from all the various scar-revision procedures currently available(lasers/excision/subcision/fillers-there's a ton). "Before & After" pictures are nice, but seeing in person,in 3D, goes 1 step better. The theory being we can save each other buckets of $ by letting one another SEE our results in person. A sort of "show & tell" so we can "separate the hope from the hype". The group is also for moral support of course. Repairing scars is a multi-procedural nightmare that requires tremendous guts/nerve and an almost superhuman persistence. There is no 1-shot quick-fix for our problem. If there was we wouldn't be here.

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